Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eco-nomics, Anne M. Mulcahy

Thursday 3:15 Making Things
Anne M. Mulcahy is an amazing person. In 1976 she began selling copiers for Xerox. 24years of being a increasingly good salesman later, she was promoted CEO of the company. Through a period of eight years, Anne has reinvented the way Xerox makes and sells their product. Now, not only is she at the head of Xerox, she is also the director of Target, Citigroup, The Washington Post and a board member of Catalyst (a non-profit organization supporting women in business).
She talked mostly about how her business continues producing products that have a greener impact on our earth. She talked about a printer that actually erases ink instead of printing it. This idea is a great way to save paper.
I got a lucky chance to ask her a question: "Most of the people in this room this morning said that my education was our most underused resources.I have 15 years or so of school education left. If you were my high school/college advisor, how would you plan my education so I could be a helpful member of not just America but the world as well?" She simply answered that I shouldn't minimize my options, and keep my doors open. She told me that I shouldn't lock into anything yet because I still have the rest of my life to decided what I'm really interested in. She did say she hopes more and more young women like me look into math and engineering.

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